when it comes to

rehabilitating dogs there

is no ‘one size fits all’ style

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I'm Saara, a dog trainer and behaviourist. I have spent the last 12 years working within the veterinary industry, and throughout my career I have come across many different dogs with many different issues. From severe nervousness, to full on aggression! This gave me the passion to gain a further understanding of why dogs behave 'badly'.


During my career I have completed several courses in training and behaviour, puppy classes and obedience. I have also attended practical, hands-on courses in dog psychology and behaviour.

I have gained extensive knowledge and experience, which ranges from running group classes, to rehabilitating dogs with severe behavioural issues - and everything in-between! 

Through practicing different styles of dog training, I believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to rehabilitating dogs. Every dog, human, environment and situation are all unique, and all these need to be considered.


This is where my expertise really shines; practicing dog psychology before dog training. These skills enable me to educate owners on building a trustworthy and respectful relationship between them and their dog, leading them to live a well-balanced and happy life!


I currently own 2 rescue dogs, who came to me with severe aggression towards people and other dogs. Both of them now live very happy and fulfilled lives, and sometimes assist me during my sessions and classes!

I am based in Cambridgeshire, however I travel around the UK to carry out behaviour sessions.